Scenarios - Quick-Links
The President
Capture the Flag
U.S. Marshals Center Flag
Hostage Civil War
The President
  Divide the group into two teams and select one player to be the President. The President will have no gun or paintballs with them, only their guards will be equipped. You must set up checkpoints for the President to reach in order to win the game. The other team will be the assassins. The assassins objective is to kill the president and/or stop him from reaching the last checkpoint.  
U.S. Marshals
  U.S. Marshals is played with two teams, the US Marshals and the Fugitives.
The Fugitives are of course unarmed. The Marshals turn their backs for about one to three minutes while the fugitives hide. Once the game starts you set a timer for 20 minutes. After the 20 minutes are up, there must be atleast one fugitive left in order for that team to win. If all the fugitives are captured before the 20 minute mark, the US Marshals win.
  Hostage is played with one hostage (no weapon) on a team, the other team must save this hostage and take him to their base without the hostage being harmed. The hostage will be imprisoned in a small area and cannot be shot within that area.  
Capture the Flag
  Capture The Flag is a very well known scenario. To play this you must get two flags (one for each team) and stick them in a visible spot by your base. Your goal is to defend and capture your opponents flag and bring it back to your base to win the game.  
Center Flag
  Players are divided into two seperate, equal teams. Each team is assigned to a base. A flag is hung in the middle of the field. Capture the flag and take it to the other teams base. If a player carrying the is eliminated, they must drop the flag where they were eliminated at.  
Civil War
  Civil War is a game that requires some skill. No hoppers, or elbows are aloud. Basically you run around loading 1 paintball at a time so be patient and practice your aiming before jumping into this one.