Call Commands

Hit Count

A call of "1 Up" means that one opponent has been eliminated. A call of "2 Down" means that your team has lost 2 players.
Reloading Tells other players that you are reloading.
Gun Down You've got gun problems and are working to fix it. This may mean you're cleaning your barrel or that you have a gun failure.
Cover Fire Give me cover fire (before/as I make a move).
Flag Grabbed Your Team has got the/their flag
Flag Gone The opposition have got the/your flag
Contact I have located (and usually also shooting at) one of the opposition. (e.g. 'Contact 3 Left' means contact with three opposition players on the left.)
Clear Position is clear, player is not in contact.
Sweet Spots Sweet Spots are pieces of cover where pre-first game planning or observation of earlier games shows that there is a high chance of a player going for that piece of cover. This call is often used to identify a key piece of cover that the opposition will try to occupy from the break.

If 'Alpha' is a key bunker then ...
- 'One in Alpha' means one player has made it to that bunker.
- 'Max Fire Alpha'
means every available player fire into that particular bunker.
- 'Alpha Eliminated, 2 Up'
means the player from that bunker has been hit and the opposition have now lost a total of 2 players.
- 'Alpha Clear' means the bunker is unoccupied by the opposition.
Watch My Paint Another way of identifying a player’s location. Call 'Watch My Paint' and then shoot at the player. Other gunners can then follow your 'tracer'. When this can't be seen clearly (especially in bush fields) you can also identify a clearly seen Landmark (say a tree) by firing at it 10 feet above the ground. Then talk your gunner onto the target ... e.g. See my paint', OK then 'Right 4 metres, back 2'.
Covering Fire Gunner Only This call is used by point men (or a player who ends up in front) and calls for covering fire from that players designated 'gunner' or from others in the squad. This usually means only 1 or 2 people provide the covering fire.
Covering Fire Maximum Effort This is a similar call but means that anyone who can (safely) shoot should fire. It provides 'saturation fire' aimed at one zone or one target. Mainly used to try to eliminate that player - because with so much paint coming in from all angles the odds of a hit are greatly increased. This (or another) call can also be used for covering flag grabs etc.
Target Description When you're trying to identify a target for a gunner give as much information as you can to help. If a player's behind an unidentified piece of cover (i.e. not a sweet spot) then give a full description, like :

'He's behind the tire stack to the left of the big bunker, shooting from the left side, low ... up and firing now!'
On Target Lets a gunner know he's on target and shooting at the right piece of cover.
Recon By Fire This call tells your players that you are about to fire (usually into a piece of cover or down a track) but that you DO NOT have a target (yet).
Stay With Me Keep with me (usually while I have the flag). You can also direct players to 'stay in front' (when we may run into opposition) and 'stay behind' when they're chasing to retrieve the flag.
Advance Advance
Advance Safely -
it's clear
Advance Cautiously -
it may be dangerous
Advance Into Danger -
it's known to be dangerous
Advance To Contact -
keep going until you meet the opposition
Can also use these with instructions to move left, right, forward or back.
Military Alphabet


Alpha N November
B Bravo O Oscar
C Charlie P Papa
D Delta Q Quebec
E Echo R Romeo
F Foxtrot S Sierra
G Golf T Tango
H Hotel U Uniform
I India V Victor
J Juliet W Whiskey
K Kilo X X-Ray
L Lima Y Yankee
M Mike Z Zulu