:: A Team Is Born! - CS News - November 15th, 2002 (8:17 PM) :: Art Pisanski
Hey, welcome to the new site of the C-Squad! We're an all new paintball team gearing up for action! This site is currently under heavy construction.. so check back later for more updates, news and events!
:: Calendar Added - CS News - November 17th, 2002 (4:27 PM) :: Art Pisanski
I added a calendar, hoping someone would use it. Its pretty cool..  Check it out! I'll be posting Major Paintball related events there and maybe some minor ones.
A Commands / Calls page has also been added.
:: New Team Member - CS News - November 18th, 2002 (8:18 PM) :: Art Pisanski
We welcome Adam Gould to the team!! 
New Site updates:  Added a nice little "Pic of the Day!"  (Just click on it to see the enlarged version and it also shows you posts that other people made about it). A nifty little thing that I got from a paintball site.
:: Info Updated - CS News - November 22nd, 2002 (4:19 PM) :: Art Pisanski
No Real News :)
Site Updates: More team info was added.
:: Info Updated Again - CS News - January 27th, 2003 (12:26 AM) :: Art Pisanski
Hey we're listed! Boonie-Boys have added us to their Team Page. And they put a cute little star by our name..  Aww! Thanks Guys!!
Because of my lack of effort, the "Pic of the Day" has been changed to "Pic of the Month". heh heh.
New Site Updates: A few little touch-ups (Links, Roster, etc.).
:: 2nd Annual Paintball Expo - CS News - January 28th, 2003 (4:16 PM) :: Art Pisanski
Looking for a place that has everything paintball all under one roof? Here it is! The 2nd annual Paintball Expo is just around the corner. Don't miss your chance to play with all sorts of new toys! Full Story
New Site Updates:  Gaming Tips and Definitions have been added.
:: NPPL Super 7, Huntington Beach, CA Day 1 - CS News - February 7th, 2003 (1:25 PM) :: Art Pisanski
The prelims began today, every team stepping onto the field in hopes of winning it all. With the venue well taken care of players had only one mission today. Find out who fulfilled theirs and check out the live streaming media brought to you by XS Network. Full Story